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Experience Glass in a New Way

GRT Hot Glass Studios is a unique business in Indianapolis where you can come and create your own piece of hot glass artwork. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, our studio offers you a once in a lifetime creative experience.

Memorialze in Glass

Honor the life of your loved one or pet with Eternal Treasures

We provide a unique way to memorialize your beloved family members and pets by incorporating cremated remains into blown glass sculptures to be cherished through the years as a beautiful work of art.  Eternal Treasures are created by using a small amount of cremation ashes and adding it to the inside of a hot glass sculpture while it is being created.  You choose the desired shape and color and we will create your distinctive custom piece.

How it Works

You can begin by choosing from one of our 3 shape options, which include the round, the teardrop, and the heart. Once you decide your shape, you may choose up to 3 colors from our 15 options to include in the piece along with the ashes.

To create your Eternal Treasure(s), we only need about 2 tablespoons of ashes to complete one or several glass pieces. This can either be dropped off to our studio, or mailed. If you choose to mail, we will send you a special collection kit with instructions.

Take a look below at some of our samples!

Round (2.5 to 3 inches diameter)

Teardrop (6 to 7 inches tall)

Heart (4 to 5 inches wide)

Cherry Red







Granny Apple


Sari Blue

Light Blue





What Happens Next?

After looking at our options, you are free to decide how many you would like to purchase, what shapes, and what colors you would like to use. We offer family pricing for you and your loved ones to each have a custom glass piece. Our rates go down for each additional piece. 

Once you finalize your decision with loved ones, it’s time to place your order. Please fill out our form found below to make your selection. If you are ordering together as a family, please keep all your orders on one form. 

Upon receiving your order and the ashes, we will require a 50% deposit before we are able to start making your glass pieces. This can be paid online, or when you drop off the ashes. 

The remaining balance will be due once your Eternal Treasure(s) are finished. This can also be paid online before we ship, or upon pick-up for locals. Any ashes that are not used within the piece(s) will be returned to you. 

One of a Kind Takes Time

Our glassblowers will need 4 – 6 weeks to complete your Eternal Treasure(s). We will contact you immediately once they are ready to take home.

Please note that all of these pieces are custom and handmade by our capable glassblowers. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and will resemble our samples, but will not be an exact copy. 


Single Piece

$ 175
  • Individually priced

Two Pieces

$ 330
  • $ 165.00 per Piece

Three Pieces

$ 450
  • $ 150.00 per Piece

Four Pieces

$ 480
  • $ 120.00 per Piece

Five (+) Pieces

$ 500
  • $ 100.00 per Piece

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