Studio Rental

For our more seasoned glassblowers, we offer studio rental time. This is for experienced glassblowers only. Upon your inquiry, please specify how much previous experience you have and your comfortability with glass. On your first visit to the studio, our staff will be able to guide you on our studio equipment and rental process. 

If you are scheduled for studio time and are unable to make it, you must give GRT at least 24-hour notice. Otherwise, you will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee. 

Studio Rentor Agreement and Waiver

All renter must sign the Studio Renter Agreement, and must fill out the standard Waiver each year.

Hot Shop Rental

  • Small Gloryhole $40.00/hr
  • Large Gloryhole $45.00/hr
  • Glass Usage Price $2.00/lb

    Product Weight & Cullet Weight

  • Tool Rental Per Session $10.00
  • Hot Torch $2.50/hr

    In use or on pilot

  • Fluffy Torch $2.50/hr

Cold Shop Rental

  • Belt Sander $20.00/hr
  • Diamond Lap Wheel $20.00/hr
  • Punty Grinder 20.00/hr
  • Sandblasting Room $25.00/hr

    Must schedule time with GRT

  • Dremel Free
  • Wet Saw Free/Inquiry

    Free for color bar / Inquire for other use