Studio Rules

1. Please be advised that you will be held accountable for any damaged tools or equipment.​

2. Studio rental is available on a first come, first served basis. Please call GRT at 317-359-9006 to schedule studio rental time. If you email a requested time, it is not guaranteed until it is written on the posted schedule in the front office and you have received confirmation.​

3. Renters must have an updated contact information form to fill out.​

4. Renters must fill out the posted form to track hours worked and glass used. ​

5. Renters will be billed at the end of the month for any rental time and glass usage that has not been paid for that month.​

6. If you are not able to pick up your work by the end of the month, you must make arrangements with GRT Glass Design to have your glass weighed and temporarily stored. ​

7. Rental cancellations need to be made as early as possible so that rental time can be used by other renters. Less than 24 hours may result in a cancellation fee.

8. Shop pipes and puntys are marked with a single strip of red tape and are available for renters to use. Any pipe or punty not marked in this way are private property and should not be used without permission from the owner. Any other shop tools (jacks, tweezers, shears, map gas, etc.) should only be used by renters paying to use them at a fee of $5.00 per day. Tool rental is included in the price for private lessons and classes. ​

9. All colored glass is private property and should not be used without the owner’s permission. It is the instructor’s responsibility to provide colored glass for their private lessons to make available for their students. ​

10. Any equipment problems need to be reported promptly to GRT for repair. After hours, please contact Greg at 508-6843 or Jon at 506-7467.​

11. Renters need to clean up after studio use. This includes putting away any equipment (molds, tools, etc.).​

12. If a mess has been left from a previous renter, please let a GRT employee know so that it can be cleaned up immediately. ​

13. Make sure the furnace door is shut before you leave. This may result in a $3000 fine if furnace gets damaged. ​

14. Turn off annealers when you are done working unless instructed otherwise. ​

15. Make sure both doors are locked before you leave the building. Do not force the latches on the top and bottom of the door, as they will break. ​

16. If you need to change the program on one of the annealers, please make GRT aware so that it can be changed back when done. If you do not know how to change the programs, please ask for assistance.

17. If you change the temperature on the Kugler box, please put it back to 950 degrees when done. ​

18. Annealers should be unloaded onto the shelves in the backroom marked for new glass. Glass that has been abandoned on the shelves for over a month will be discarded unless arrangements are made with GRT.​

19. Renter equipment and color storage space is available in the back room only on the shelves marked for renter storage.

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